Tips to Maximize Your Water Damage Claim

Want help maximizing your water damage claim here in Memphis? The United Water Restoration Group of Memphis, Tennessee is here to repair your property while advising you on the best way to get compensation from your insurance company. Contact us at (901) 410-4466 to learn more about filing an insurance claim and to begin repairs after a flood, pipe burst, or other water damage emergency.

Stop Damage to Maximize Your Claim

Insurance companies expect you to try to limit the damage to your property after a water damage emergency. Water damage restoration techs can:

  •         Stop water from entering your property
  •         Remove water already in your home or business
  •         Use dehumidifiers to dry out your property

Taking these steps can show the insurance company that you’re taking a floor or pipe burst seriously, letting you maximize your claim in Memphis, Tennessee.

Tell the Insurance Company About the Damage

You are expected to report storm damage, frozen pipes, and other water damage emergencies quickly to the insurance company. Waiting to report a water damage event allows some insurance companies to reject your claim.

You may need to report your claim over the internet or through a phone call. Filing a water damage claim in Memphis, Tennessee is easier when you work with professionals. Learn more about this process by contacting us today at (901) 410-4466.

Provide Evidence Regarding the Water Damage

You’ll need to provide evidence to support your flood insurance claim in Memphis, Tennessee in order to get compensation for your losses. Evidence can include:

  •         Photos of damaged areas
  •         Video recordings of your property
  •         Itemized lists of damaged items

We understand how to help you gather evidence to submit to your insurance company. We’ll help you record all the damage that occurred, which allows you to maximize your damage claim here in Memphis, Tennessee.

Call Water Damage Restoration Techs to Maximize Your Claim

You don’t have to try to maximize your water damage restoration claim in Memphis, Tennessee on your own. Contact the United Water Restoration Group of Memphis, Tennessee to get professional help on your side. We’ll repair water damage and help with insurance agents after you call us at (901) 410-4466.


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